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We specialize in various automotive services and have experience working on just about any type of vehicle. Straight Line is your one stop shop for everything from oil changes to high performance racing. We're constantly striving to provide the highest quality customer satisfaction so you can feel comfortable knowing your car or truck is in good hands.


Straight Line does everything from general automotive repairs to advanced performance work and highly customized fabrication. Our technicians are highly skilled in working with various vehicle makes and models and have the knowledge to help you complete a project and meet your performance goals.


Straight Line carries some of the highest quality products, and we only recommend products that we believe in. We take the time to ensure that our product selection reflects our commitment to providing the best for our customers and, we are happy to consult with you to identify the products you need.


Straight Line is a highly efficient and thorough shop, making your projects and maintenance quick and reliable. Please give us a call or stop by to setup your appointment. We look forward to working with you and we're happy you have chosen us as your provider for the highest quality automotive service.

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